Create a new drinking culture

Committed to create a palace-level feast,
To let you experience a new sensory world.
We are good at shaping new sensory features with five senses experience,
And carefully select high-quality materials and warm connotations,
Create pure ultimate taste.

It is an honor to work with Dr. Lai, who has more than half a century of winemaking experience, to create high-quality pure natural brewed wine.

Dr.  Lai

Creator of the world's top liquors

Dr. Lai is an extremely rare winemaker in all domains; Half a century of experience in brewing, coupled with God's special reward for his unparalleled sensitive taste, has established his international status. Respect for winemaking and unwavering persistence in wine research is the strong backing for his extraordinary achievements.

Not only relying on his irreplaceable talent, Dr. Lai has also dedicated his whole life to the art of winemaking. He believes in the pursuit of the ultimate effort and he always listens the carefully to his taste buds and experience of brewing and blending to create a series of the unique boutique level of liquors.